Annual Reports

Year 1 Report, 2020 SCRI_Diploid_Potato_Year_1_Report_for_Advisory_Committee_2020.pdf

Year 2 Report, 2021 SCRI_Diploid_Potato_Year_2_Report_for_Advisory_Committee_2021.pdf

Year 3 Report, 2022 SCRI_Diploid_Potato_Year_3_Report_for_Advisory_Committee_2022.pdf

Journal Publications

The Plant Genome - 16April2023
Song, L., & Endelman, J. B. (2023). Using haplotype and QTL analysis to fix favorable alleles in diploid potato breeding. The Plant Genome, e20339.

American Journal of Potato Research - 14October2022
Bethke, P. C., Halterman, D. A., Francis, D. M., Jiang, J., Douches, D. S., Charkowski, A. O., & Parsons, J. (2022). Diploid Potatoes as a Catalyst for Change in the Potato Industry. American Journal of Potato Research, 1-21.

American Journal of Potato Research - 17August2021
Busse, J. S., Jansky, S. H., Agha, H. I., Schmitz Carley, C. A., Shannon, L. M., & Bethke, P. C. (2021). A High Throughput Method for Generating Dihaploids from Tetraploid Potato. American Journal of Potato Research, 1-11.

Crop Science - 15May2021
Kaiser, N. R., Billings, G., Coombs, J., Buell, C. R., Enciso‐Rodríguez, F., & Douches, D. S. (2021). Self‐fertility and resistance to the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) in a diploid Solanum chacoense recombinant inbred line population. Crop Science, 61(5), 3392-3414.

American Journal of Potato Research - 16March2021
Kaiser, N. R., Jansky, S., Coombs, J. J., Collins, P., Alsahlany, M., & Douches, D. S. (2021). Assessing the Contribution of Sli to Self-Compatibility in North American Diploid Potato Germplasm Using KASP™ Markers. American Journal of Potato Research, 98(2), 104-113.

Trade Journal Articles

Badger COMMON’TATER - August2022
Impact of True Potato Seed on the Industry (Paul Mitchell, Jeff Endelman, Paul Bethke, and Guanming Shi) 2022. Read the article here (page 61)

Potato Grower - 30March2022
The Birds and the Bees … and the Potato (Paul Bethke and Shelley Janskey), 2022. Read the article here or you can download the article here.

Badger Beat - September2021
Seeds of Change (Paul Bethke), 2021. Download the article here.

Spudman - May/June2021
New tools, approaches may yield Colorado potato beetle-resistant varieties (Natalie Kaiser and Dave Douches) 2021. Read the article here

MIT Technology Review - 18December2020
Potato innovation has stagnated for decades. Sexual reproduction might get it unstuck. This article is written by Potato 2.0 advisory committee member Peter Imle and featured in the MIT technology Review. Read the article here or you can download the article here.

Agricultural Research Service - Under the Microscope - 12May2020
Are hybrid potatoes in your future? Shelley Jansky and Paul Bethke talk about hybrid potatoes with the USDA 2020. Read the article here

Shelley Jansky and Paul Bethke talk about the Potato 2.0 Project with Potatoes USA 2020. Read the article here

Spudman - March2020
Are diploid potatoes in your future? (Paul Bethke and Shelley Jansky) 2020. Read the article here

Badger COMMON’TATER - April2018
Why is Ploidy in Potato Important? (Shelley Jansky) 2018. Read the article here (see page 54)

Spudman - November/December2017
In Potato breeding, fewer chromosomes may be better (Shelley Jansky) 2007. Read the article here


Potatoes USA features the Potato 2.0 project and answers frequently asked questions about the project, 2020. Watch the video here.

Phil Lempert Interviews Shelley Jansky and David Douches At The 2018 Potato Expo. Watch the video here


Poster titled “Haplotype Resolved PacBio HiFi Assembly of Potato Dihaploids Capturing North American Allelic Diversity of Tetraploid Parents” presented at CROPS Conference 2022, Improving Agriculture Through Genomics, June 13-16, 2022. View the poster here

Potato 2.0 project poster at the 2020 Potato expo. View the poster here

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