New Vegetable Transplanter at UW-Madison

Watch the newest video posted on YouTube!
The UW-Madison potato breeding program has a new vegetable transplanter! One of the long-term goals of the Potato 2.0 effort is to utilize transplants for first year production instead of greenhouse minitubers. We have a lot to learn about optimizing this method, but it’s an exciting beginning.

New Publication in The Plant Genome

Check out Lin Song and Dr. Jeffrey Endelman’s recent publication in The Plant Genome titled “Using haplotype and QTL analysis to fix favorable alleles in diploid potato breeding”. Click here to read the paper.
Song, L., & Endelman, J. B. (2022). Using haplotype and QTL analysis to fix favorable alleles in diploid potato breeding. The Plant Genome, e20339.

Potato Expo 2023

Numerous members of the Potato 2.0 and Potatoes USA team attended the Potato Expo 2023, January 4th - 5th in Aurora, Colorado.
In the photo above the team displays diploid varieties, explaining misconceptions and bringing awareness to the project.

PAA 2021 Symposium Proceedings

Bethke, P. C., Halterman, D. A., Francis, D. M., Jiang, J., Douches, D. S., Charkowski, A. O., & Parsons, J. (2022). Diploid Potatoes as a Catalyst for Change in the Potato Industry. American Journal of Potato Research, 1-21.
Read the American Journal of Potato Research full text here

Dihaploid Flowers in the Field

Interesting flowers from dihaploid potato plants grown in the field by the Douches lab at Michigan State University. Note the black/white petal flower! All photos taken by Kate Shaw at Michigan State University. Click the link below to see more images.


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